If you are already using Medium then you can post your articles to your account, a group you are member of or both. If not, you might consider posting there too as there is a large community of readers so the chances that your article will be read will increase. Just go to Medium and register, don't worry it's free.

This is how to link your Medium account to Story Chief:

Step 1

Click on arrow at the right top side, next to your name, choose channels and click on 'Content Hubs'.

Step 2

Add your Medium destination by clicking the green button. ex. your personal Medium account is one destination, the group you are member of within Medium is a second one. So from then on each group you are member of within Medium must be added as a different destination.

Step 3

Login to Medium in the popup menu

Step 3

Choose your destination in the dropdown menu and you are done.

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