Mapping fields in Craft CMS
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StoryChief needs to know which fields you want populating in your Craft CMS website. Follow the guide below to get this set up.

Start mapping your Craft CMS fields

Step 1. Login to your Craft CMS website and go to Settings ➜ Fields.

Step 2. If you already have fields created, you may already skip this step, if not create some with the same types as the screenshot below.

Step 3. Go to Settings ➜ Sections. If you are new to Craft CMS, you will need to create a section. Click on the dropdown and choose the entry type.

Step 4. Scroll down to design your field layout. If necessary, create a new tab and drag the fields to it in the order that you want them presented.
Click "Save".

Step 5. Go to Settings ➜ StoryChief v3. Make sure that your encryption key is correct in StoryChief and that it is connected.

Step 6. Below Entry Type, choose the Section from Step 3., followed by an Entry Type. You may need to save between choosing each. "Save" again.

Step 7. Back on the plugin page, you can now select which fields to map to your StoryChief account. Click "Save" when finished.

πŸŽ‰ It's a wrap! You are now able to publish a story from StoryChief to those fields.

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