Setting up your Craft CMS website with StoryChief, but the fields aren't there to be linked?Β 

Connecting for the first time? Read this article.

As we can see in this example, the body field is missing in the StoryChief plugin.

To remedy this, we have to create a new field and link it to the entry type for your articles.

Step 1. In Craft CMS, go to Settings ➜ Fields.

Step 2. The following field types are needed to send over the entirety of your story, create the ones that you still need.

Author - type: Users
Body - type: Plain Text
Cover - type: Assets
Excerpt - type: Plain Text
Category - type: Categories
Tags - type: Tags

Step 3. Go to Settings ➜ Sections. Click on Edit entry types, followed by the entry type.

Step 4. Now you can design the layout. Drag the newly created field(s) to to the layout. Click Save.

Step 5. The new field will be visible and able to be linked in the StoryChief plugin page. You may need to first click Update to refresh the page. Once finished, choose Save.

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