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Let your readers sign up for a Mailchimp newsletter directly from your blog.

Add a signup form to your blog

Step 1. In your Mailchimp dashboard, go to your "Audience" page. Select the audience you want to use and click on the "Manage Audience" dropdown to select "Signup forms".

Step 2. Choose the "Embedded forms" option.

Step 3. Copy the contents of "Copy/paste onto your site" into a text editor on your computer.

​Step 4. Search for "Form action URL" and copy it to your clipboard. In this example above, it is:


Step 5. Go to your "Channels" page in StoryChief.

Step 6. Select the William channel.

Step 7. Click on the "Calls to action" tab and scroll down until you find "Newsletter". Enter the "Form action URL" from Step 5. Click "Save" to confirm.

Readers can now sign up via your blog.

  1. At the top-right in the header.

  2. In the sidebar on the left.

  3. Between stories and at the bottom of individual posts.

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