Getting started with filters and segments for your stories is easy and intuitive. Let's take a look together...

Watch our Academy video 📹 on: Managing your Content Archive for a step-by-step guide.

Creating a filter

Step 1. Go to your Stories page from your dashboard.

Step 2. Click on + Add filter.

You can either scroll through the list or search. Choose between filtering on the SEO score, channel, campaign, and much more.

Step 3. Once you have chosen the type, you can then specify the filtering. Below you can see an example for displaying stories with an SEO score higher than 80%.

Your stories list will now only display stories that match that filter.

Set multiple filters

You can keep adding additional filters to narrow down your list even further. The possibilities are endless! Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 until you are done.

Save your set filters with Segments

Have useful filters set that you want to make easily accessible? Just click on the Save icon and give it a name!

Viewing Segments

All of your segments are visible on the left hand side of your stories list. Clicking on a segment will apply it.

Manage Segments

The Segments list for stories can accessed via the URL: account/segments/stories

The link to the settings page can also be found inside the modal when editing or saving a segment:

On the settings page, click on Edit to change the name of a segment. To delete one, click on the dropdown and select Delete.

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