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Boost your content marketing strategy using the content calendar
Boost your content marketing strategy using the content calendar

Tricks and tips for StoryChief's content calendar

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What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a clearly defined schedule of when and on what channels you decide to publish your upcoming content. Content calendars usually include upcoming content, different types of content (story or social post), status, approval status and more.

Why use a content calendar?

There are various benefits of using a content calendar. A content calendar can transform the way you plan, create and promote your content. It can improve the process of your content marketing strategy, and improve the quality of your content and in turn, you can increase leads and profit. Some of the benefits include:

  • Keep Your Team Organised and Aligned

Having a content calendar gives a holistic view of your content strategy. It provides you with a visual representation of your planned content so that you can easily spot a content gap and stay on top of deadlines. With StoryChief's calendar, you can easily change between the monthly, weekly and day views (learn more).

  • Brainstorm Better

When your content is correctly organised and your team has a good overview of what is happening, it can help your team to start thinking of new content. Brainstorming your ideas can help create interesting and meaningful content. With Storychief

you can create editorial briefs directly in the calendar to summarise your new ideas and create clarity before you start writing your content (learn more).

  • Maintain Consistency

Maintaining consistency in your content is crucial. If you want to keep the interest of your audience, you have to create content that teaches them something and stays entertaining. If you're posting random and irregular content, your audience most likely won't grow. By using StoryChief's content calendar you'll get to plan your content and maintain consistency (learn more).

  • Keep your audience engaged

Having a content calendar provides you with a visual representation of what topics you've already covered. With Storychief's calendar, you can use campaigns to filter your content on a subject level (learn more). So, you won't be duplicating your efforts and also you'll have an easier time sticking to a theme.

  • Keep on top of deadlines

With StoryChief you can use events in the calendar as reminders to plan in important times for your audience and business. This means you won't ever forget an important event and you'll have the right content prepared for those events. With StoryChief you can sync your content calendar with your preferred calendar of choice, so you'll never miss a deadline again (learn more).

  • Easily collaborate with your team on content

Working with various people on content can be time-consuming and tedious. Using a content calendar can make collaboration much easier. With StoryChief's filters, you can keep track of what your colleagues are working on and see if you can assign them more work or not. Saved your filtered search to easily find it back in your calendar (learn more).

  • Social Media marketing

Creating articles and social posts is essential for your content marketing strategy. With Storychief's calendar, you can filter to see all your social posts that are in draft, scheduled or published. You'll also be able to see what will be posted and on what channels, allowing you to be more consistent in posting (learn more).

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