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Create saved calendar views with filters/segments
Create saved calendar views with filters/segments

Use the filters to create certain calendar views and then easily find them back by saving them.

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In StoryChief you can create multiple calendar views. This can help you get a better overview of certain projects, keep track of deadlines and see what your colleagues are working on. Creating saved calendar views can also help keep your team aligned and help the collaboration process (learn more).

Start creating filtered views

Step 1. Go to your calendar and go to the filters at the top of your calendar. Here are all the possible filters listed.


This filter allows you to display items from specific types: Article, Social post, Event or Campaign.


Content is displayed with the following statuses:

  • Draft - created but not scheduled or published yet.

  • Scheduled - finished and has a future date and time for publication.

  • Published - already sent out to that channel.

Approval status

This filter allows you to see the approval status of your content. Is your content:

  • Pending

  • Approved

  • Declined


This filter allows you to filter the calendar content depending on which destination an item is/will be published (e.g. William blog, Facebook, Instagram). More info


Display specific campaigns and the items that are assigned to them. More info


Filter by a user in your StoryChief account. More info


This filter affects only articles and appears if you have two or more languages added.

Step 2. Use the filters to create a certain calendar view. After applying filters, a blue 'Save filters'-button appears. Click this to save the filter combination.

Step 3. Give your calendar view a name to easily find it back and then click on 'Save new segment'.

Your new calendar view is now available in the sidebar, just a click away.

πŸŽ‰ You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

Check out the next steps below for more in-depth guides or follow-up actions.

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