Creating a public calendar

Share specific content calendars with clients, colleagues and external collaborators, whether they are StoryChief members or not.

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The StoryChief content calendar allows you to plan your content and have a clear overview of all the content stages.

Learn how to add content to the calendar. This is very useful for planning an efficient strategy and making sure everyone involved is aligned.

The owner, publishers and writers automatically have access to this calendar and can view, add and edit content. Guest writers don't have access to this feature.

Moreover, you might also want to share a specific content calendar with a client, with a manager or with an external organization you are closely collaborating with.

Start creating your public calendar

Step 1. Go to the Calendar.

Step 2. Create and save a new segment or select a previously saved segment, which is available at the left-hand bar:

Step 3. Click on the "Create link" button on the right-hand side:

Step 4. Enable the toggle to activate the link:

Step 5. Click on "Copy link" to copy the link to this specific calendar and send it over via email or any other platform to all the external collaborators you want to share it with.

You can enable as many share links as you want from other segments that you create, and you'll see the share icon next to each segment for which a share link has already been created:

Step 6. Once you share the link with others, they will be able to view this calendar view, but won't be able to make any changes to it. This is an example of what they will see:

At the top left, they'll see the name of the workspace and the calendar's title. Moreover, they'll be able to click on the different events to see their detail, but they won't be able to edit or change anything.

You can send this help article to your clients or collaborators to ensure they know how to view a public calendar and can take the max out of it.

πŸ”” Note: when disabling the share link, external collaborators will lose access to it. You can re-enable it by activating the toggle again, which will generate a new link which needs to be shared again.

πŸ’‘ Tip: if you want to share the full content calendar and not a segmented one, you can just create and save a segment which gathers the full content. This can be achieved by selecting all the content types.

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