Learn how to connect to your Instagram business profile by following this help article. This channel is currently available for users on paid accounts using Chrome as a browser. Once connected, take a look at this help article on how to publish.

Step 1. Visit your Channels page by expanding the top-right menu.

Step 2. Click on or scroll down to Social networks. Choose Instagram.

Step 3. Two steps are required to complete the connection.

1. Click on the link to install the Chrome extension.

2. Your Instagram business account will first need to be linked to Facebook Creator Studio, here is a help article from Facebook on how to do this. Once linked, click on the button to add the Instagram business profile.

Follow the instructions on Facebook to allow StoryChief to publish to your profile:

Choose to continue as a logged-in account or log in to a different account.

Select the Instagram Business accounts to connect to. Click on Next.

Choose the Facebook page related to your Instagram profile. Click on Next.

StoryChief requires all options to be enabled. Click on Done.

Click on OK to be sent back to StoryChief.

Step 4. Finally, choose your Instagram page from the dropdown menu. Click on Save settings. You can repeat this process to add additional pages.

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