If your website is not using one of the platforms that we support natively, you can use our public API to connect to it. Once connected, you will able to directly publish stories to it.

Thanks to our API, you can build the perfect tailor-made integration that works for your team. Here's how to find the information to complete this connection.

Step 1. Head on over to your Channels list, and click on Custom Website in the personal websites category.

Step 2. Add your destination by clicking the green button. Each website is one destination. So from then on each custom website must be added as a different destination.

Step 3. Follow the steps to make the integration. Ask your webmaster/developer to do this if necessary. Our API documentation can be found here. Click on Save settings when you have created and added the webhook.

You can reach out to us via support@storychief.io if you require any help or advice.

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