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API: using custom fields
API: using custom fields

Custom fields for your website integration

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Congratulations, you made it so far! Did you already connect your custom website through our API?

Start using custom fields

Step 1. Adding Custom Fields to your StoryChief account. If your website/blog uses some custom fields, we can provide these for you. An example of custom fields might be a special Call To Action button on your website where you can specify the button text and the button link.

Once we added these custom fields to your StoryChief account you'll be able to add these values to any of your stories.

We provide the following types of fields: select, checkbox, radio buttons, text, textarea and image.

Step 2. Mapping your custom fields. You'll receive the value of these fields in an easy key-value format, through the same webhook as usual. An example output would be. You can map these values as you see fit. 

      "type":"publish",      "mac":"8d969eef6ecad3c29a3a629280e686cf0c3f5d5a86aff3ca12020c923adc6c92"
      "custom_fields": [
            "key": "cta_text",
            "value": "Buy now!"
            "key": "cta_link",
            "value": "https://my-awesome-website/product-1"

🔔 Note: Custom fields created by an API aren't editable or usable in filtering.

🎉 You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

Check out the next steps below for more in-depth guides or follow-up actions.

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