Reviewing a public calendar

Find out how to review a public calendar that someone has shared with you

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You have probably received a link to a public calendar from StoryChief. Great!

In this help article, we'll quickly go through all the possibilities this public calendar offers.

Once you open the link, you'll find a calendar view with some content planned in:

  1. This is the calendar's title. I should give you an idea of what type of content this calendar is displaying.

  2. You can switch between a monthly and a weekly view. You can also click on the arrows on the left-hand side to move between months or weeks.

  3. By clicking on the speaker icon, you'll be able to see what campaign(s) are taking place on that day. By clicking on the calendar icon, you'll be able to see what events are planned for that day.

4. You can see the content and its status: DRAFT, SCHEDULED & PUBLISHED. You can also click on each content block to find detailed information about it. The icons will also help you understand the channels/platforms where the content is being published.

5. Blocks inherit the color from their respective campaign(s), if any given.

6. The content blocks displayed in italic style, are events, which aren't social posts nor articles, but can be used as a post-it, reminder or to mark a special day (a public holiday, an international day, a real event etc.).

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