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How to create a webpage, newsletter, webinar, podcast, ebook or video
How to create a webpage, newsletter, webinar, podcast, ebook or video

Guidelines on how to create other content pieces in StoryChief

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We just launched the Content Marketing Suite, which contains way more types of content! The creation and collaboration are similar for each type. This release also introduces a new layout for the editor. Now it is possible to collaborate on the creation of:

  • Webpages;

  • Newsletters;

  • Webinars;

  • Podcasts;

  • Ebooks;

  • Videos.

Start creating a content piece

Step 1. Click on "Content" and select the content piece you like to create. In this example, we'll create a newsletter.

Within the content piece, there is the possibility to create new pieces of content or to filter through the existing ones.

Step 2. Click on "New newsletter" to be welcomed by a refreshed view!

Step 3. Start by writing a title and a body for the content piece.

Make sure to set the correct language at the top of the page, between the title and the status.

πŸŽ‰ This is a great baseline, a first draft of the content! Next are the options to enhance the quality of the content and the functionalities of the editor.

Custom fields

The custom fields provide the option to add more information to a

Within the settings tab, it's possible to manage the campaigns.

The readability helps you make the text more digestible for readers, by suggesting some enhancements.

Export provides the option to download the piece of content, so you can store it locally. A PDF, a Docx or an export of only the assets? Your choice!

Collaborating & AI chat

The right sidebar focuses on collaboration, within the team and with our AI chat.

AI chat

If you need any advice on the AI on anything, ask it a question with some context and a brand voice. This can help a lot while creating your content piece.


The Updates tab allows users to follow updates on a piece of content, which will send out notifications for the piece. Actual updates will also be shown, when someone adds content or when someone else replies, reviews etc.

Comments & Reviews

To collaborate within the team of with your external stakeholders, the Comments and Reviews are the place to be. Inviting someone can also be done by clicking the "Collaborate" button at the top. The button menu also provides the option to share a public link.

Tag the person you want to check or work on something. Or select a piece of text and add a comment to the selection. That helps to see better what exactly needs changing. Click on "Add comment" to start commenting and type "@" to mention a user.

Invite team members or external stakeholders to be sure they approve of the content that has been created. Click on "Ask for review" and fill out their name (if they are a user) or their email address. Add a message to clarify what or why they need to review.

The review tab shows the overview of reviews, which can be pending, approved or declined.

Content status

To make sure everyone is aligned on the status of the newsletter (or other content type), it helps to set a date and a status.

  • Draft: It's possible to set a due date and a source link, to keep an overview of where the content will be published.

  • Schedule: When the content piece is finalized and scheduled, the status can be updated to Schedule. When selecting "Schedule", the due date and the source link will be kept but can be changed to the actual date and source.

  • Publish: Finally, the last stage is "Publish", which will be entered automatically when the scheduled date-time is reached. Nevertheless, you can also mark the content as "Published" already with another date and source.

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