Twitter Publishing errors

Common Twitter error messages, what they mean and how to solve them.

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This account is temporarily locked

‼ Error message:

To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, this account is temporarily locked. Please log in to to unlock your account.

📔 Explanation:

Twitter has noticed some malicious activity in your account and to keep you safe, they have blocked it.

✅ Solution:
Login to your Twitter account and follow the steps provided by Twitter to unblock your account.

Tweet needs to be a bit shorter

‼ Error message:

code: 186,
message: Tweet needs to be a bit shorter.

📔 Explanation:

Your tweet is too long.

Twitter maximum allowed tweet length is 280 characters.

✅ Solution:
Shorten your tweet to under 280 characters.

Your account is suspended and is not permitted to access this feature

‼ Error message:

code: 64, 
message: Your account is suspended and is not permitted to access this feature.

📔 Explanation:

There are different reasons why Twitter would suspend your account.

Please refer to this article for more information.

✅ Solution:
Please follow the steps provided by Twitter.


‼ Error message:

detail: Forbidden, 
status: 403,
title: Forbidden

📔 Explanation:

Our app does not have the needed permissions to publish on your behalf.

Service Unavailable

‼ Error message:

detail: Service Unavailable, 
status: 503,
title: Service Unavailable

📔 Explanation:

This is a server error, which means something has gone wrong on Twitter's API side.

✅ Solution:
The only thing you can do is try again later, once Twitter is up & running again.

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