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Transform a date value in Zapier to a Unix timestamp
Transform a date value in Zapier to a Unix timestamp

How to format your Due date field to a Unix timestamp.

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By using Zapier with your StoryChief account, you can create custom workflows that trigger when you complete actions.

Our Zapier integration allows you to send many different types of data in order to create your story. In this article, we are learning how to convert your story's due date into a Unix timestamp (a time format that our API understands).

Format your Due date field to unix timestamp date

Step 1. After adding your main trigger in Zapier, You can add a Zapier action before creating the main Story Chief action

Step 2. Select "format".

Step 3. Select "Date/Time".

Step 4. Select "Format".

Step 5.

1. Set the To Format to unix timestamp (as in the screenshot)

2. Select the To Timezone (the desired Timezone)

3. Select the From Format (how the date is formatted in your data)

4. Select the From Timezone (the current timezone in your data)

Step 6. Click "Continue" to test the action.

Step 7. Now select the transformed value in your Due date field

πŸŽ‰ you are all set! your date will be converted to a Unix timestamp and will be set in your story.

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