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LinkedIn removed their option to create carousels, but now it is possible to convert your PDF into an image gallery/carousel. This is also included in their API, which means that you can now publish your PDF to a LinkedIn company page through StoryChief! πŸš€

How to upload your PDF to a LinkedIn company page

Step 1. In your dashboard, click on the green "+" button and then click on "Create Social post" tab or use the Quick links to "Create a social post".

Step 2. Select your LinkedIn company page in the channels list, as this feature is currently limited to that specific channel.

Step 3. Upload your pdf using the new "Document" button. The first page of the document will be used as the thumbnail in StoryChief, which will be displayed in the social posts list and the calendar view.

πŸ”” Note: The file name will be visible on LinkedIn, so check if the file has a meaningful name.

A. Click on "Document" and "Upload from computer"

B. Select the document you like and check the preview

❌ Limits: Documents are limited to a file less than 100MB and less than 300 pages. PDF is the only supported format, which now has to be uploaded from your computer. There is no media library support yet.

Step 4. Finetune the text of your post and see how it looks. For other channels, you will see a notification that uploading a PDF won't work.

Step 5. Publish the social post to LinkedIn!

Your PDF will be displayed as a carousel in StoryChief and on LinkedIn.

If you like to check all the documents you have uploaded, you can filter through the social posts by adding the filter "Document attachment type".

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