Include an RSS feed in Brevo emails
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Brevo is an email tool, which can be incredibly handy to reach your customers and leads. It can be a hassle to create valuable content and distribute this as much as possible.

This article helps to include an RSS feed in Brevo emails, which makes it easier to reach your audience and spread your articles.

Start embedding an RSS feed in Brevo emails

Step 1. Visit your channel page by expanding the top-right menu and clicking on Integrations. πŸ‘‰ Quick link.

Scroll to the "Content hubs" to find the "RSS" channel.

If this is set up, copy the URL. If not, go through the steps to set this up: Create an RSS feed for your articles.

Step 2. Go to Brevo, and click on the settings (top-right) to find the "Plugins & Integrations".

Step 3. Type "RSS Campaign" and follow the steps for the setup.

Step 4. Click on "Create Email" and select the "Blog/RSS" type.

πŸŽ‰ You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

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