There are two types of basic metrics for your articles. Reads and Views.

Each time the preview of your article is seen it translates into a View metric. For example, your Facebook post with a link to your article. Each time it is seen it creates a +1 View stat coming from Facebook. Or, a mail your subscribers receive with a preview of your article, this also creates a +1 View stat coming from your active mail channel.

Each time someone opens the full page of your article this translates into a Read metric.

For example, someone sees your Facebook post (+1 View) and clicks on it so that Facebook Instant Article is opened (+1 Read).
Another scenario, someone receives your mail with a preview of your article (+1 View) and when your link is clicked (+1 Read).

To summarise, for the majority of channels there will either be a View or a Read, but almost never both.

What you might want to know is how many people came in contact with your article. In this case you need the sum of Views and Reads across all the of your channels. We call this stat Impressions.

Note: Some channels won't allow us to retrieve metrics back into StoryChief. At present this is only relevant for the Medium channel.

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