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Understanding metrics in StoryChief
Understanding metrics in StoryChief

All about reads, views, leads, clicks, and shares.

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Using our story and social post reports, you can understand just how successful your content is and the engagement of your audience. This is the case for Stories and Social posts.

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1. Stories

These are the metrics we track for published stories:

Total Views: This stat shows you how often your story has been seen on a social media platform, newsletter, or any other platform where only the basic details are displayed.

Total Reads: The number of times your story has been read on your blog or any other platform where the entire story is present.

Average Read Time: How long it takes on average for someone to read your story. This is calculated from the total time the page is open.

It is therefore possible to have more views and reads. In addition, one read does not necessarily mean you would also gain a view.

We use the term Impressions to show the total views and reads for a story.

2. Social posts

Some different metrics are tracked for social posts (learn more):

Engagement Rate

Engagement rates are metrics that track how actively involved with your content your audience is. This informs us about the percentage of users who engaged with a post. The calculation for engagement rate is the total number of engagements divided by total impressions, multiplied by 100.


The number of times people have engaged with your posts through likes, comments and shares and more.


Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. This is calculated by how often your content appears on a screen.

❌ Limitation: Some channels won't allow us to retrieve metrics back into StoryChief.

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