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Connect your Joomla! website
Connect your Joomla! website
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If your blog is currently powered by Joomla!, then you can easily publish your article there when publishing in Story Chief. This is how it works:

Add your Joomla! website

Step 1. Login to and navigate to Channels.

Step 2. Select "Joomla!" in the Personal Website section and click on "Add New Destination" button to link your Joomla! website to StoryChief.

Step 3. Enter the URL of your Joomla! installation below (ex:

Step 4. Copy the Encryption key and click the "Save settings" button below

Go to the StoryChief config page on your Joomla! website.

Step 5. Keep this page open and head on over to your Joomla! control panel in a new tab or window. After logging in, go to SystemExtensionsInstall from the navigation bar.

Step 6. Choose the Install from URL tab. Go here and choose the relevant release for your Joomla version.

  • Joomla 4: latest v4.x.x release

  • Joomla 3: latest v3.x.x release

Step 7. Copy the Source code (zip) link and paste it into the Install from URL field in Joomla!. Click "Check and Install".

Step 8. Once installed, go to SystemGlobal Configuration from the Joomla! navigation bar and select "StoryChief".

Step 9. You can now enter the encryption key present in from StoryChief account.

The default category will be used when a story does not have one assigned. You can find the IDs of different categories by going to ContentCategories.

If you require custom fields you can click on the "Select" button to set them up. You can create custom fields in StoryChief by visiting here.

Don't forget to "Save" your changes after you are finished. Your Joomla! website is now linked to your StoryChief account.

🎉 You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

Check out the next steps below for more in-depth guides or follow-up actions.

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