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Connect your Drupal website
Connect your Drupal website
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Is your website running on Drupal? Great! With our plugin you can publish your StoryChief stories to your website. This is how it works:

Before you get started

Download our Drupal module (version 8.x and up) and enable it like you would enable any other module.

Start connecting your Drupal website

Step 1. Login to StoryChief and navigate to Channels, click on "Drupal".

Step 2. Click on the "Add new destination" button.

Step 3. Copy the encryption key and go to the StoryChief config page on your Drupal website. (

Step 4. Paste the encryption key in the corresponding field.

Step 5. Choose the node type StoryChief should use to create articles and set a default owner of the stories.

Step 6. Map the StoryChief fields to your node fields. Any type of field can be mapped, but only a few of them are available in the UI. More information here. Click on "Save configuration".

Step 7. Go back to your Drupal channel configuration page on StoryChief and fill in your Drupal URL in the corresponding field. Click on "Save settings".

Multiple node types

The recommended way is by adding a custom field inside StoryChief with the different node types you want to manage. After that, you can use the hook MYMODULE_storychief_node_type_alter to control where incoming stories are saved to.
Have a look at our starter kit to get you going.

πŸŽ‰ Your Drupal website is now connected to StoryChief!

Next time you publish your article you can choose your Drupal website as your destination.

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