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Drupal 7: Missing fields in the StoryChief module
Drupal 7: Missing fields in the StoryChief module
Create and map the correct fields
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Having trouble with mapping your fields in Drupal with StoryChief? Well, you are in the right place!

In this example above, you can see that there is not a field we can link to the content and excerpt from StoryChief. Let's fix that...

Step 1. Login to your Drupal admin page and go to StructureContent Types. Click on manage fields for your article type.

Step 2. To map all of the standard StoryChief fields, you will need to have/create the following field types:

  • Body - Long text and summary 

  • Tags - Term reference

  • Category - Term reference

  • Cover image - Image

Step 3. Go to Configuration ➜ StoryChief and click Update next to the node type. You can now match the fields with those in StoryChief.

When you publish from StoryChief, those fields will now be used.

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