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You can easily add content from Convertful inside your William blog. This article walks you through the process.

Add Convertful content

Step 1. If you don't already have a Convertful account, create one on their site. Once logged in, choose "Add Site".

Step 2. Enter the address of your StoryChief blog (e.g. https://myusername.storychief.io) and choose "Custom CMS" as the "Site Platform".

Step 3. You will now be shown the code to add it to a website. All we need is the owner ID. Leave this page open for now.

Step 4. Go to your channels page in StoryChief and select "William".

Step 5. Choose the Integrations tab, scroll down until you see Convertful, and enter your owner ID from Step 3. Click Save.

Step 6. Head on back to Convertful and select Check Connection. If you receive an error, go back to StoryChief and check that the owner ID is correct.

Step 7. You are now free to create a form in Convertful. Once live, it will show up on your blog. View their getting started guide if you get stuck.

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