Adding your personal LinkedIn profile to your StoryChief account is an easy way to automatically share your stories to all of your connections.

πŸ””Tip: Ask your colleagues to add their own LinkedIn profiles, increasing your reach even further! To do so, invite them as a user (make sure to assign them the Publisher role) and ask them to follow the steps below.

Once done, if the user doesn't need to stay in your workspace, you can remove him, but no worries, the LinkedIn channel (and any other channels they have connected) will remain active.

Step 1. Login to your StoryChief account, click on the dropdown located in the upper-right corner, and choose Channels.

Step 2. Click on the Social networks group and select LinkedIn Profile.

Step 3. Click on Add new destination. You will be sent to LinkedIn to authenticate the request. Just fill in your username and password to give access to StoryChief.

πŸ”” Note: Multiple accounts can be connected to a channel, so bear in mind that other colleagues might have already connected their own LinkedIn profiles here, so you'll see a list with their accounts. Don't delete them as doing so, will deactivate their connection.

Step 4. Once done, your LinkedIn profile will now be connected.

Step 5. Now, when publishing a social post, your profile can be chosen to share it on your LinkedIn profile.

If you don't need to stay as a user on the workspace, you can ask your colleague to get you removed, however your channel(s) will remain active.

If in the unfortunate event to leave the company you're working for, any colleague with access to the Channels page can permanently deactivate your LinkedIn profile.

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