This guide will help if you are not seeing your Linkedin company page listed when you're working through the steps to connect your account.

🔔 To be able to connect story chief to your Linkedin company page, you must have one of the following roles on the page ( super admin or admin ).

You can easily find your role by following those steps:

Step 1. Go to the company page.

Step 2. Check you role at the top left corner next to the page name.

If you are not an admin/super admin, then please ask the admin to make the connection or make sure you become and admin before you make the connection.

🔔 In some cases, someone with an admin role might have made the connection, but if this person has left the company or is not an admin on the Linkedin company page anymore, the connection might break and another admin will need to reconnect the page with story chief by following the steps to connect your account.

How to verify Story Chief has access to your linked in company page?

Follow those steps to verify if story chief is connected to your company page.

Step 1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2. Click Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

Step 3. Click Data privacy on the left rail.

Step 4. Under the Other applications section, click Change next to Permitted Services.

Step 5. Verify StoryChief app is listed

If the StoryChief app is not listed, please follow the steps to connect your account.

Step 6. Click on the StoryChief app and verify it has the following permissions

  • Use the primary email address associated with your LinkedIn account

  • Retrieve your organization's posts, comments, reactions, and other engagement data

  • Create, modify, and delete posts, comments, and reactions on your organization's behalf

  • Create, modify, and delete posts, comments, and reactions on your behalf

  • Manage your organization's pages and retrieve reporting data

  • Use your name and photo

If the not all the permissions are listed, please re-connect your account by following the steps to connect your account.

🎉 You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

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