When you configure our Drupal module, you will be asked to choose a node type to use for creating stories. Some Drupal websites have multiple node types defined for different types of content. For this to work inside StoryChief, there are two additional necessary steps.

Step 1: Create a custom field with the node types you want to use

Now we need to define the options. The value of the options should contain the "machine name" of your Drupal node types. The machine names can be found here https://your-website-domain.com/admin/structure/types

Save the custom field and go the your Drupal channel configuration page https://app.storychief.io/dashboard/channels/drupal. Visiting the configuration page will trigger a synchronisation of the custom fields so they are visible inside Drupal.

Step 2: Configure Drupal to use the custom field as node type

Go to the StoryChief Drupal module configuration page

In the section "Multiple node types" you can now select your custom field we created in step 1 and click "Save configuration"

When creating a story in StoryChief, you can choose the Node Type in the tab "Summary". If none is provided we use the default Node Type.

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