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With StoryChief, you can create and publish your stories from one place to multiple channels: 

  • Websites

  • Social media accounts

  • Email platforms

  • Contacts/ambassadors

  • Mobile channels

You can even connect to additional channels with StoryChief using our API

Using the story and social post editors, you can easily create content with your team that will look as it should on every platform.

Main Features

1. Stories

Use the editor to create engaging stories that help you to become a thought leader in your field. Embed content from a wide variety of sources and work together with people inside your company, freelancers, and clients.

Learn more about creating and managing stories.

Watch our Academy video 📹 on Creating your first Article for a step-by-step guide.

2. Social posts

Use StoryChief for your social media strategy to be able to post to all of your channels simultaneously either instantly or at a later time via scheduling. Mention companies to increase your reach and use UTM tags to understand how people are finding your content.

Find out more about social posts.

Watch our Academy video 📹 on: Creating a Social Post for a step-by-step guide.

3. Free blog (William)

Just getting started with creating content and need a blog for your stories? We've got you covered! Every StoryChief workspace comes with a free William blog and is ready to be published to. Brand it with your logo and add links to other websites to make it your own. And because we host it for you, there is no technical set up. Just log in to StoryChief and start writing.

Discover the customization options.

Watch our Academy video 📹 on: How to setup your William blog for a step-by-step guide.

4. Collaboration

Work with your colleagues, freelancers, or clients in the same environment, saving you time and headaches.

Key features to help you work together:

5. Easy channel integration

Connect to all of your platforms to allow for one-click publishing.

From WordPress to Webflow, StoryChief is able to connect to a large range of channels. The process of connecting your channels is easy and we are constantly adding more channels. If you have a custom website, you can ask your webmaster to add your website using the API.

View supported platforms and how to set them up.

Watch our Academy video 📹 on: Setting up the basics for a step-by-step guide.

6. Use reports to measure impact

Measure and view the stats of each story and social post at a glance, both globally and per channel. Find out how many times your content has been seen and read.

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