Show all of your stories and social posts with their status in a calendar view. A great way of keeping track of all of your content!

Status and filters

Content is displayed with the following statuses: 

  • Planned - created but not scheduled or published yet. 
  • Scheduled - finished and has a future date and time for publication.
  • Published - already sent out to that channel.

You can also filter your calendar by:

  • Collaborator (user in your StoryChief account)
  • Campaign (more info)
  • Channel type (websites, social, etc.)
  • Status (planned/scheduled/published)

Change your view

Use the buttons located near the top-right to change between a month/week/day view. You can change the start of the week in your Account page (Sunday/Monday).

Clicking on a story or social post will display more information and provide a direct link to open it in the editor to keep working on it or unschedule/unpublish it.

Create content directly from your Content Calendar

Click on an empty spot of your calendar to instantly create a new story or social post for that chosen date. If creating a story, you are able to directly add a title, language, due time, assign it to a user in your account, and add it to existing campaigns.

Keep up-to-date whenever and wherever

Sync your entire Content Calendar with an external calendar application. Just click on the Sync button located at the top-right to directly add it to Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar. Or copy the URL to use it with a different application.

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