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Thanks to the StoryChief calendar, you can view all of your stories and social posts with their status in a calendar view. A great way of keeping track of all of your content!

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Change your view

Create content directly from your Content Calendar

Sync your calendar and keep up-to-date whenever and wherever

Create Saved Calendar Views



This filter allows you to display items from a specific types: Story, Social post, or Campaign.


Content is displayed with the following statuses:

  • Draft - created but not scheduled or published yet.

  • Scheduled - finished and has a future date and time for publication.

  • Published - already sent out to that channel.


Filter by a user in your StoryChief account. More info


Display specific campaigns and the items that are assigned to them. More info


This filter allows you to filter the calendar content depending to which destination an item will be published (eg. William blog, Twitter, Instagram). More info


This filter affects only stories and appears if you have two or more languages added.

More info

Change your view

Use the buttons located near the top-right to change between a month/week/day view. You can change the start of the week in your Account page (Sunday/Monday).

Change your view

Clicking on a story or social post will display more information and provide a direct link to open it in the editor to keep working on it or unschedule/unpublish it.

Create content directly from your Content Calendar

Click on an empty spot of your calendar to instantly create a new story or social post for that chosen date. If creating a story, you are able to directly add a title, language, due time, assign it to a user in your account, and add it to existing campaigns.

Sync your calendar and keep up-to-date whenever and wherever

Sync your entire Content Calendar with an external calendar application. Just click on the Sync button located at the top-right to directly add it to Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar. Or copy the URL to use it with a different application.

🔔 Note: If you have several workspaces and want to gather all your different calendars in one, you can sync each of them to an external calendar to have a single view for all of them

Create Saved Calendar Views

Create multiple calendar views so you can see certain projects and other calendar items more specifically at a click of a button. When filtering the content calendar a save button will show enabling you to save your given filter. For instance I filtered on social posts and can now save it.

Now you can define a name in click on Save new segment

Your new calendar view is now available at a click of a button inside the sidebar.

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