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Keeping up to date on the progress of your content is crucial. With the workspace and story notification centers, you can quickly view comments and see what is pending approval to keep the creative process on track. Let's take a look.

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1. Accessing the workspace notification overview

Log in to your StoryChief workspace and click on the bell icon ๐Ÿ”” next to the left of your name. The number of new notifications will be displayed in a blue circle.


Step 1. Your inbox shows you an overview of new actions that happened. Every comment you are tagged in, each story or social post pending your approval, a campaign that is about to start or finish and even destinations that disconnected.

In the screenshot below, you can see that new notifications are marked with a blue circle.

Step 2. When your inbox is flooded with notifications, it's time to clean ship. This can be done by clicking "Mark as read" on the checkbox.

Step 3. In the inbox, you can select whether you would like to view all the notifications or only the unread ones. Simply click on the filter icon in the top right corner to see which mode is enabled.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Filters help to create a clean overview and gain more focus.

Step 4. Click on the links in the notification to go to the story/social post and complete those actions.


Any notifications for content you are active in are listed here, regardless if they are directed at you or not.


Any updates for any content in the workspace, so that you can have a quick look of what is going on in the content team.

2. Notification settings

The notification settings can be accessed through the gear next to "Updates". Here, you can mark if you like to have "Email notifications" and "Weekly digest" enabled or not.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Here, you can also add Slack to receive your notifications. Don't get distracted by a cluttered inbox, but get notified when someone mentions you in StoryChief!

Email notifications

Email notifications are aggregated to keep your mailbox cleaner and provide you with a better overview of what's happening within the StoryChief workspace. The different actions on a story will display, but updates will be grouped per 30 minutes to avoid cluttering your inbox. Grouped emails are sent out for the following actions:

  • Comment created,

  • replied to a comment

  • comment resolved

  • review approved

  • review declined

User-specific emails that ask to collaborate, review etc. are still being sent individually, as a delay of 30 minutes might not be preferred.

๐Ÿ”” Note: The only notifications for comments that aren't aggregated are those for tagging a person.

Slack notifications

Receive a Slack notification when someone mentions you in a comment in StoryChief. Notifications will also be sent for collaboration, such as approval or adding collaborators.

Go to the "Notification Center" and click "Connect", which leads to the verification screen. After verifying, everything is set up!

3. Accessing a story's notification center

Updates for each story are shown inside the editor. To see these, click on the hamburger menu ( โ‹ฎ ) located at the top right and choose Updates.

Following a story

Want to receive notifications for this story? Toggle "Follow story", or disable if you no longer need to be notified of any updates.

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