Depending on your website's platform it's possible there are no options to have automated publishing from StoryChief to that specific platform.
Popular examples are WIX and Squarespace. Both have no API for publishing articles and are fully maintained solutions where you have no control.

Don't worry though, there are still viable options available to you.

Option 1: William blog

With StoryChief you get a free William blog (on the house). You can use this channel to house your blog articles and connect your main website to this blog by creating links to them.

For example: would be your main website would be your blog site.

Your main website would have a link in it's navigation that points to the blog. Similarly, your William blog would also link back to your main website.

Learn more about the William blog here.

Option 2: The clipboard channel

The clipboard channel won't automatically publish for you, so you will still be responsible to copy your content to your CMS to get it live. But it does allow you to use all the other features from StoryChief. You can still collaborate on a content piece, publish it to other channels like and promote the article to your social media channels.
Learn more about it here.

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