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Leaving comments inside a social post makes it easy to receive feedback from a colleague or client.

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Start creating comments

Step 1. After inviting people to your workspace, you can leave comments in your social posts. To do so, go to a social post and click on the Comments button at the top right:

Step 2. The comments sidebar will now display on the right-hand side, where you'll be able to add a comment.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Tag people by typing or clicking on @, and this will trigger an email and an in-app notification for the user. If you don't tag anyone, no one will receive a notification.

Step 3. Change the visibility of your comment to limit who can see it by clicking on πŸ”’ Team.

  • Team: only registered users inside your workspace.

  • Everyone: all registered users and people viewing the public preview page and review page.

Step 4. Click Comment or hit Enter when ready to save the comment and trigger the notification (if you tagged anyone).

Viewing comments

Step 1. Open the comments sidebar by clicking on "Comments" at the top right to view all of them. You will see a number showing the number of open comments (if any):

Taking action on comments

A saved comment can be resolved, edited or deleted.

Resolved comments are moved to the Resolved tab, although they can be reopened or deleted if needed:

You and other users can also reply to a comment to open a thread, which will help you maintain separate conversations on the same social post:

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