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How to review and approve social posts from StoryChief

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Reviewing content is a critical process in assuring high-quality articles and social posts. A review goes beyond just checking grammar or spelling, for example,

this can be everything from checking for audience alignment, the tone of voice, tailoring your post per social media channel and beyond.


You should see an overview of all the postsets that need review and approval. A postset is a collection of social posts which all convey the same message but are (possibly) tailored to the specific channels.

You can switch between postsets by clicking on the icons on the left or on "Previous" or "Next" on the right.

๐Ÿ”” Note: The social posts for the different channels are shown in the center. Social media platforms arenโ€™t one-size-fits-all, as their audiences are different. Posts can be tailored to match the different types of audiences. For example, below you can see the posts for Facebook and for X (Twitter).


Reviewing is comments-based, meaning that you can not change anything to the posts themselves, but you rather give advice to the writers on how to change them for the better. You can do so by typing in your comments on the right side.


Comments and approvals are per postset. This means that you can approve one postset while declining another. Postsets that are still under review are indicated by "Pending approval".

Once you've approved or declined a postset, a notification will be send to the review requester. The text in the feedback section will also change to Approved or Declined

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