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1. Can I preview how my stories will look?

Yes, our plugin has a setting called 'Testing mode'. With this setting on, all articles published by StoryChief will be saved as drafts. Read more about it here.

2. Can I publish to multiple content types (post types)

Yes you can, this article explains in more detail how to set it up.

3. The layout of my article is off.

StoryChief sends over data without styling your website. We are using standard HTML tags for that. It can happen that some HTML elements aren't supported by your theme by default. In that case, some additional CSS might be needed. Any web developer should be able to do this easily.

4. Can I import my categories and tags?

Yes, go to your WordPress channel configuration on StoryChief. You should see 2 import buttons for categories and tags.

5. I'm having issues with connecting/publishing to my site.

A list of common issues can be found here.

6. "No URL received" / "paused": what does it mean?

StoryChief expects your website to return the URL of the live article. This is needed for multi-channel publishing and promotion on social media, email, etc.
If this URL isn't received you will see this message and all secondary channels will be paused.
Typically, for WordPress, it means "Testing mode" is enabled.

7. There is a lot of white space above my videos

Videos that we send from StoryChief are responsive. We do this by adding some code to your story. However, it may be that this conflicts with your own personal theme or plugins. This help article will show you how to override this.

8. How can I customize my image sizes?

StoryChief has 3 media size options available. Full-width, large and regular.
These are sent over as specific CSS classes that you can implement on your website.
See more information here.

9. Does StoryChief work with WPBakery?

Yes, thanks to our friends at STRAK for providing the solution.
Read more about it here.

10. Does StoryChief work with Divi?

Our StoryChief WordPress plugin works natively with the Divi theme and Builder. To customize the default page and post settings, just visit the settings page for StoryChief plugin.

11. Does StoryChief work with Yoast SEO?

Yes, StoryChief integrates natively with Yoast SEO.

12. Does StoryChief support multi-site setups?

Yes. Each site in your multi-site setup will be a separate Channel inside of StoryChief.

13. Does StoryChief work with SeoPress?

Yes, StoryChief integrates natively with SEOPress.

14. Does StoryChief work with All In One Seo Pack?

Yes, StoryChief integrates natively with AIOSP

15. Does StoryChief work with RankMath?

Yes, StoryChief integrates natively with RankMath.

16. Can I use shortcodes?

Yes, as of version 1.0.33 of our plugin shortcodes added to your content will simply work. Be aware though, that the shortcodes will only work on WordPress, if you are publishing multi-channel your shortcode will be shown as plain text.

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