Once you have connected your Pinterest account to StoryChief, follow the next steps to find out how to publish your content. If you still need to connect your Pinterest account, follow this article first.

Step 1. Create a new social post or go to an existing one and enable the Pinterest channel

Step 2. Scroll down to the Tailor by channel section. Enter a title and click on the pencil next to the board to be able to choose a different board and/or section to publish your content to.

Step 3. Set up the other channels as usual and click on Publish or Schedule when ready to publish the content.

Step 4. Once the content is published to your Pinterest account, it will show similar to this:

🔔 Note: When creating the social post, you can choose between a story, a link or an image as media.

However it is not possible to publish a photo carousel since this is not supported by Pinterest. It is currently not possible either to publish a video due to API restrictions from Pinterest.

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