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View previous versions of an article

Use Version History to see and to restore previous version(s)

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Whenever you are writing an article using our editor, you are working on the current version.

If you go back or you refresh the page or you invited a colleague to work on the article, every time there will be a new version kept in 'Version History'. You will know perfectly who did what and when, and restore a previous version if needed.

Check the previous versions of your article

Step 1. Open the article of which you like to check the version.

Step 2. The first way to access the version is through the options top-right, where you will see "Version History".

Alternatively, you can click "Last saved XX ago" at the bottom-left.

Step 3. Click on a version: words or sentences in green are added, whereas words or sentences in red are removed. The same goes for media files, such as pictures, videos, tweets and comments in the background.

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