Create a summary for your story

Adapt how your story will appear on social media posts, newsletters, ambassadors, and other channels

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The summary is used to control how your story will appear when shared on other channels.

Story details

  1. Cover image: Used whenever a preview of the story is shown. Be it on your blog, social media, or other. An alt tag can be added to the image. It can also be customized inside the image editor.

  2. Excerpt: description that will be shown under the title.

  3. Author: Choose a user from your workspace as the author of the story.

  4. Category: Define the theme of your story. If you use the William blog, categories will be used to show related stories. Learn more about categories.

  5. Tags: Provide further details about your story. Tags are shown at the bottom of stories published to a William blog. Learn more about tags.

Story SEO settings

See a preview of how your story will look like on search engines. This information is pre-generated using details from your story. Fill in other data if you want to change any field. Learn how to improve the SEO of your story.

Custom fields

Need to send over additional information to your website? Add that here! We have help articles on how to set these up for WordPress, Webflow, Drupal, and Joomla!.

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