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Cloudflare: Getting it to play nicely with StoryChief
Cloudflare: Getting it to play nicely with StoryChief
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Some security and optimization features built-in to Cloudflare may prohibit you from publishing or causing elements of your stories to not display correctly.

If you use the William blog

To connect your domain to StoryChief, it is necessary to add a DNS record. If you do this via Cloudflare, make sure that the proxy status is set to DNS only. Otherwise, it will not be able to be linked to StoryChief.

If you publish to other website channels (WordPress, Webflow, etc.)

When you publish a story, it may be possible that it fails. In the event of this, take a look at the firewall log in Cloudflare and whitelist where necessary.

Create a Bypass rule for every available feature when the IP source Address equals

πŸ”” Note: you might see more available rules to bypass. Select every rule you can in the bypass field.

Check to see if Rocket Loader is enabled on the Speed page of Cloudflare. It will be necessary to disable it for the gallery to show correctly.

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