Connecting your StoryChief account to a WordPress powered site is simple. Just follow these steps to get it set up and ready to go. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this article for information on multi-language distribution, custom fields, and support for Divi and WPBakery. Common issues can be resolved by following this help article.

Step 1. From the dropdown menu click on Channels, followed by WordPress.

Step 2. Click on Add new destination to begin the setup procedure. Leave the following page open.

Step 3. Install the StoryChief WordPress plugin. You can do this via the admin page of your website.

Step 4. In your WordPress Settings menu, click on StoryChief.

Step 5. Copy your unique key from your StoryChief account (from step 2) and paste it into the settings page of the StoryChief plugin.

Step 6. Copy the WordPress URL from the plugin settings page and paste it into the StoryChief WordPress URL text box. 

Now both StoryChief and the WordPress plugin should have a key and URL.

Step 7. Save changes in WordPress and then Save settings in StoryChief. You should be notified of a successful connection.

Next time you publish your story you can now choose your Wordpress blog as a destination. Did it not correct properly? Don't fret! Take a look at this support article, it goes over common issues with connecting WordPress websites. Let us know via chat if we can assist you.

Multi-language websites

You can install one of these additional plugins to enable multiple language support:

Custom fields

Does your website use custom fields? We've got you covered. Contact us through chat and we'll help you set them up. The WordPress plugin provides the needed actions and filters for you to implement your own custom fields (see our plugin documentation). 

If you are using ACF for your custom fields, view this help article.

Do you use the Divi theme?

StoryChief supports Divi natively. Check out this help article for more info.

Do you use the WPBakery plugin?

This article will help you to add story content to Visual Composer blocks.

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