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Add formatting to text in your article

Set the text as bold, italics, underlined, a heading, link, and more!

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Adding formatting to your articles is perfectly possible and already configured for you by default.

Start adding format to your text

Go to the article editor and by selecting a piece of text (a word, a sentence, a paragraph...) the formatting toolbar will appear. These are the options available:

  1. Bold

  2. Italics

  3. Underline

  4. Small text

  5. Create links (to external sites, or to headings)

  6. H2 heading

  7. H3 heading

  8. H4 heading

  9. Create a quote out of the selection

  10. Create a bullet-point list out of the selection

  11. Create a numbered list out of the selection

  12. Create a comment out of the selection (more info)

For links, you have the option to open the link in a new window and/or set it as a nofollow hyperlink. There are four options to choose from:

  • External: links to a different website or page.

  • Section: links go to a heading (useful for creating a table of contents, more info).

  • Email: mailto links to allow visitors to create a new email with your chosen address.

  • Phone: a phone number that when clicked on will call using the visitor's default calling software.

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