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Web analytics - Google Search Console
Web analytics - Google Search Console
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The Web analytics page provides valuable insights into your Google Search Console data. By analyzing search terms (keywords) and pages that drive traffic, you can measure content performance, identify high-traffic keywords, and determine areas for improvement.

In this help article, we will guide you through the dashboards in StoryChief.

Whether you're preparing for a marketing meeting or aiming to enhance your online presence, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively utilize the Google Search Console integration.

Start analyzing your website data

Performance overview

The 'Click performance' explains where the clicks are coming from.

  • Top keywords:
    These received the most clicks, meaning people who clicked on one of our links after searching on Google.

  • Top growing:
    The keywords that grew the most compared to the previous month.

  • Top declining:
    The top keywords that received fewer clicks.

We see that our brand is among our top growing which indicates more people search for our brand meaning improved brand awareness. Content pillars and social media campaigns are our top performers and these search terms attract the right audience. For declining keywords, we see that the decrease is not that impactful if we look at the lost clicks.

The 'Keywords Positions Breakdown' provides a deep dive into how keywords rank.

💡 Position is how high you rank on search results pages for a given keyword. The higher the better of course!

Keywords are divided into useful bins to provide easy-to-use lists of keywords with similar results. “Content pillars” and “social media campaign” are keywords people search the most for if we look at the number of impressions so let’s optimize these keywords so they jump to a higher position and receive more clicks.

💡 Tip: The bin "Position 4-10" shows the keywords that are almost at the top of the search result page and is a great list to see where we can improve some content.

Click on a keyword to open the sidebar with all the information in one easy view. Our example uses the term "content pillars", which ranks for 2 pages.

  • A comprehensive overview of the metrics shows how the keyword is doing for the selected period.

  • To view competing pages for this keyword, click on "View on Google". competing with these pages on Google

We could analyse each page and see how we can improve our article or we can use our SEO keyword recommendation tool within StoryChief to improve our “content gap”.

💡Content gap is essentially the missing keywords in your articles, compared to your competitors.

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