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Why are my stats not identical to the external platforms?
Why are my stats not identical to the external platforms?

Gain insight into why your data looks different on some platforms.

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Do you see a difference in statistics between StoryChief and other platforms? There are multiple reasons why that can occur, which are listed below with some explanation.

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Social Media

StoryChief fetches stats periodically for social channels. This means we can have a delay when compared to the channel in question. The specifics are listed in the article about social reports.


If you're using other tools to track your pageviews (ex: Google Analytics) differences between both platforms can occur for multiple reasons, especially between the number of reads and number of views:

  • You might have configured Google Analytics to ignore certain User-Agents and/or IP addresses.

  • Your visitors might be using ad blockers that blocked Google Analytics but not StoryChief (or vice-versa).

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