How to reconnect a channel

Find out how to reconnect a channel if it has become disconnected

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Connecting your channels to StoryChief is a breeze, but occasionally you may need to reconnect to keep publishing your content. We will explore how to reconnect your channel in this help article.

Why is it disconnected?

Connections between your social accounts and StoryChief require access tokens, which can become invalid for different reasons like changing your password, if the token has expired or if the social media platform has invalidated the token for security reasons.

This is a normal behavior that is used by many platforms to keep your account secure.


In most cases, the solution is as simple as clicking the reconnect button on the Channels Page in your StoryChief account:

Reauthorizing your channel

However, as previously mentioned, sometimes a simple refresh won't always do the trick and your channel will instead need to be fully reauthorized. Follow the steps in the relevant section below to reauthorize your channel.

These steps should be followed on a desktop device:

Facebook & Instagram:

Please follow the steps here.


Step 1. Go to the permitted services in the data privacy section of your LinkedIn settings.

Find the StoryChief app and click on Remove:

Step 2. Go back to your StoryChief account, and connect the LinkedIn channel again:


Step 1. Go to the connected apps section in your Twitter Privacy and Settings tab.

(More β†’ Settings and support β†’ Security and account access β†’ apps and sessions β†’ Connected apps)

Step 2. Find the StoryChief app and click on Revoke app permissions:

Step 3. Go back to your StoryChief account, and connect your Twitter account.

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