Send out batch approvals on postsets

Send out batch approvals on social posts to save time and become more efficient!

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Sending out batch approvals is an efficient way to complete the approval process of multiple postsets at once as opposed to sending out approvals multiple times. So, don't waste your time sending one approval at a time, with StoryChief do it all in one go!

Batch approvals for postsets

Step 1. Navigate to the social posts overview and select one or multiple social posts by clicking on the check box next to them:

πŸ”” Note: If you want to select all the social posts, click on the check box at the top of your page (by default the limit is 25 social posts):

Step 2. Click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and select: Ask for approval.

Step 3. A new window will appear where you can:

  1. Choose a user inside your workspace

  2. Enter the email address of someone who doesn't have an account (learn more)

Enable the Also ask for approval checkbox so that the person can approve or decline your postsets (this does not automatically publish or prevent your postsets from publication).

πŸ’‘ Tip: Now, it's also possible to invite the list of previously invited people. This is both for invitations to edit and to review a story.

Once you've sent your postsets to be approved you'll see that the approval status is: Pending.

Step 4. The people that you've invited to approve your postsets will then receive an email asking them to review the social posts. The link in the email will open up a new tab.

  • On the left, you can select the different postsets

  • Per postset, you can see the tailored post and what channel has been selected

  • On the right, the person can approve or decline the postset that is selected

πŸ”” Note: If you've invited a non-user to review your postsets they first will need to verify their email address.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Users inside a workspace can choose if they want their comments to be seen by team members or everyone.

Click on @ to add comments for a specific team member inside your workspace.

Step 5. Once your postsets have been approved, then the approval status will turn green and the label changes to Approved:

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